Photo of Dr Ash & Lindsay smiling on an amusement ride

Dr. Ash and Lindsay Sing 4 SMILE

Dr. Ash and Lindsay are hoping to raise $500 for their Move 4 SMILE Campaign. Donate today to help them reach their goal!

$280.00 Raised 56.00%
$500.00 Goal
0 Days to Go

Build for SMILE

My name is Zaid Alkayyali, I love building blocks and I’m going to build lots of blocks to help SMILE Canada. Smile

$540.00 Raised 100%
$500.00 Goal
0 Days to Go

Mahmoud Moves4SMILE!

اسمي محمود وأنا معجب كبير بكرة القدم! سوف ألعب كرة القدم لجمع الأموال من أجل SMILE CANADA     My name is Mahmoud

$320.00 Raised 100%
$200.00 Goal
0 Days to Go

Swim 4 SMILE

Salaam everyone! My name is Mustafa and SMILE has been a big part of my life. My goal is to swim to raise money for SMILE and

$700.00 Raised 14.00%
$5,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go

Rollerblading 4 SMILE 🙂

Hi peeps! I’m Raisa Dookwah. Mom of 4 boys and big fans of Smile Canada. They are a lovely local charity organization

$375.00 Raised 100%
$300.00 Goal
0 Days to Go

30 Days of Yoga! #MOVE4SMILE

Salam everyone! We’re so pleased to be supporting this amazing organization I recently have joined! SMILE Canada

$205.00 Raised 41.00%
$500.00 Goal
0 Days to Go