Combatting Stress Mindfully – One Art-Piece At A Time!

by syedahirahyder586

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This October, join hands with me as we unitedly partake SMILE Canada’s my Move4SMILE campaign!

Undeniably, stress is a persistent reality of our lives; despite which, we never really get ‘used’ to the toll it takes on our mental and emotional well-being.

However, we can strive to practice self-love by prioritizing our mental and emotional well-being through introspection of what can aid us in reducing stress levels both positively and productively.

Personally, indulging in mindful art is a coping mechanism for myself when the stress levels rocket sky high! During this campaign, I will be sharing my Art Therapy journey with all of you in hope that the colors which inspire me, do the very same with those who are seeking serenity amidst their storms.

NOTE: Funds raised from Move4SMILE will help continue SMILE Canada’s programs of Financial Assistance, Food Delivery program, Parent Coaching, and Group Therapy.


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Anonymous $40.00 October 09, 2021
Anum Syed $20.00 October 06, 2021
Anonymous $20.00 October 05, 2021


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