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We humans are a species reliant on hope. We seek reassurance and cling to the innate expectation that things will be better. This Ramadan, we are giving you the opportunity to give hope to the economically fragile elders under our care whose conditions have been compounded by these turbulent times.

During this holy month, Muslims deprive their bodies of food and drink and become more sensitive with the plights of the less fortunate who go for days of involuntary fasting due to their strained conditions. As a result of this fellow feeling, Ramadan becomes a month of charity and generosity. By being merciful and generous to those in need, the Almighty in return bestows His mercy on us.

We have deployed a precise strategy enabling our beloved community to translate positive intention into action. The impulse to help is a quintessence of humanity and we implore everyone to assist us keep the light of hope shining for our seniors.

Your supportive and generous efforts will be appreciated and rewarded abundantly by the Almighty. We guarantee that 100% of all donations will go to the Seniors Feeding Programme.

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PAYBILL: 897363

Name Donate Amount Date
MULKI $576.00 May 06, 2021
Nasra $333.33 April 13, 2021
HALIMAH $27.78 April 16, 2021
KHADIJA $166.00 May 05, 2021
Ahmed Yasser $1.75 May 05, 2021
Ahmed Yasser $3.00 May 05, 2021
Nimo HR $100.00 May 02, 2021
Robleh Nour $25.00 April 20, 2021


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