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Hike for Hospice

Perhaps it’s the “heaviness” of covid- I am sure missing my mom these days. During these times I just want to pick up the phone and call mom and have that space where I am just a kid again- not to be an adult with adult worries and responsibilities- to be the child that we all are to our moms regardless of our age. She always allowed me that space.

I was with mom as she passed away and was so moved by the care and compassion shown to her during her end of life on a palliative care unit. As a direct result of that beautiful  care and dying experience  I initiated volunteering at Hospice Halifax. Volunteering at Hospice Halifax is my means of showing mom what she means to me and to keep her memory alive in a giving and loving manner- it’s how she would want my grief to be channeled.

Unfortunately with the current state I can not actively volunteer at Hospice at this time – I fully respect that as patient and staff safety are also a priority of mine. With fondness I recall every other weekend I would help prepare meals, clean the kitchen and deliver food to end of life patients- every time I went there I would take a few conscious moments to reflect and mom was ever present- healing.

As part of my commitment to mom I am doing the Hike for Hospice fundraising. I want to contribute, in some small way, in helping patients and families experience end of life in the most beautiful, compassionate and dignified manner. Selfishly I also want to keep my grief on a path of giving and loving and this very much helps with healing. Please consider supporting this very important cause- it would mean the world to me.


For Mom- with love

by Archie MacKinnon

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