EVENT DAY: Sunday, June 12, 2022


Attend In Person: 10:00am Rally at Saint Mary’s South Campus / The Oaks (The very end of Robie Street)


Attend Virtually: via our Social Platforms 


Join us for Hike for Hospice, an energizing, family-friendly community walk to support all the great work happening at Hospice Halifax! This year’s event can be attended IN PERSON or VIRTUALLY. This program is a fantastic way for you to support Hospice Halifax, reconnect with the community and get outdoors to enjoy the weather!


Should I attend Virtually or In Person?

This year the choice is yours! Respondents to our survey suggested that 60% of our community will be attending in-person this year. The in-person event will include an aerobic warm up, group walk past the hospice to Point Pleasant Park and back for a BBQ at the end of the event.

The virtual walk will include social media updates from the community, social competitions for prizes and the ability to tune in and support the hike at any time of the day and from any location you choose (perfect if you’ll be at the cottage that weekend). 

We know COVID-19 is still a concern, which is why we encourage you to make a choice YOU’RE comfortable with. Attending virtually or in person is a personal decision, it does not impact your ability to raise funds and either way it’ll be a fun day in support of Hospice Halifax.


How do I help raise money for Hospice Halifax?

Register here on the website and create your own ‘individual’, team’ or ‘corporate team’ page. From there you can send the link to your friends, families and coworkers to fundraise for Hospice Halifax. There are amazing fundraising incentives along the way, plus some friendly competition between teams for a top prize! Come event day on June 12, you can join an in-person group walk or go for a walk in your neighborhood and track all the community happenings on social media!

All proceeds directly support Hospice Halifax, and donors will receive a charitable tax  receipt shortly after the event. 


Our Socials:

Follow along with the hashtag #hike4hospicehalifax on our social media channels!





Can’t Register? Donate Instead!

You don’t have to register in order to support Hike for Hospice. You have three donations options:

  • Donate to a team
  • Donate to an individual
  • Or avoid picking favorites and donate directly to Hospice Halifax
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