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Our Dad, Grandfather and Father-in-Law received outstanding care at Carpenter Hospice 15 years ago as did our Mom  and all our family.  We are forever thankful to Carpenter Hospice. As of July 2022 my Dad and Mom are soaring the skies together and reunited in love. Mom received outstanding community palliative support from Hospice Wellington and palliative care at Groves Hospital in her final days. She always said “I pray I have the same wonderful care your Dad received in his final days at Carpenter Hospice  ; compassion, grace, comfort and respect”. Our Mom/ Grandma’s prayer was answered and she  truly received outstanding palliative care at Groves Memorial Hospital  and we as a family were with both our parents/grandparents 24/7 which was a true gift and blessing, including visits from Mom’s friend Chloe, her grandson’s Wheaten Poodle who laid quietly on her bed. We are walking as a family, Jim, Jane, Joel, Jessica and Wes to express our sincere THANK YOU for the care  provided by Carpenter Hospice and to all Hospice and Palliative Care Programs!

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Anonymous $103.30 May 27, 2023
  • Jim Wilson, Jane McKinnon Wilson,

    Jim Wilson, Jane McKinnon Wilson,

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  • Jim Wilson

    Jim Wilson

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  • Jane McKinnon Wilson

    Jane McKinnon Wilson

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  • Joel Wilson

    Joel Wilson

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  • Jessica Wilson

    Jessica Wilson

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  • Jessica Wilson-Sterling

    Jessica Wilson-Sterling

  • Wes Sterling

    Wes Sterling

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